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Been in SEO for 17 years, I plan content strategies for people so they can find new customers from Google Search. I also provide my unique point of view for every business or venture on how to get web traffic that leads to sales.

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Testimonials & Recommendations

Sam looked after one of our key branded magazine websites when we published out of Paris. Despite the fact that our whole publishing team and readers were Europe-based and Sam was based in Singapore, he effectively hosted our website from Hong Kong and did an absolutely first-class job of developing and maintaining the website for us. I would strongly recommend Sam as a web development partner, no matter where in the world you publish from. If you're looking for cost-effective, reliable website service with lightning-fast response times (no matter which time zone you're in) then Sam's your man.

Martin Savery
Publishing Director, Reed Business Information (France)

Sam is an IT professional with a difference - passionate, devoted, engaging and very creative. I worked with Sam on various e-publishing projects, Sam always fulfill his tasks with full dedication and enthusiasm, but most importantly, delivers excellent results. His has superb knowledge in SEO and website development, you will never find anyone like Sam who will make any web project flies. I enjoyed working with Sam as he never fails to deliver, and is very innovative. He listens well with all job briefs and make good recommendations accordingly. He is a delighted person to work with and a true web professional.

Iris Kwan
Group Publisher, Panacea Publishing Asia Ltd (Hong Kong)

Sam is always creating out-of-the-box ideas whenever he develop and re-develops the website; he does not stick to his previous format but constantly coming out with new concepts that wows the client. As we all know that at the launch of any new project, there will always be minor hiccups, but what most impressed me about Sam is that he is always at hand to lend a hand and to ensure smooth transition of the project. Unlike other consultants which I have previously worked with, who shun responsibility and pushing their roles back to my staff. In summary, Sam is simply admirable in his profession and a true professional in his field!

Peter Ng
Executive & Life Coach, Peter Ng Training Consultancy (Singapore)

As the Chief Editor of publications, I have to consult with Sam whenever I meet some problems of e-technology, including how to increase the traffic of websites, how to make the web content more efficient, how to make the websites running faster, how to create new services, and so on. I am impressed with his professional skills, quick response, high-efficiency, and team co-operation. I am honoured to be working with him at the same company.

Mcallight Liu
Group Editor, Reed Business Information (China)

I was looking for a service that could help me with online marketing for my business. I found Sam's profile and started to read through his content. I thought it was incredible, so I decided to reach out. We set up a call and I asked him a lot of questions. He's been a great help and has taught me how to make my website more search engine friendly, and currently I am ranking for quite a number of important keywords on Google page 1.

Leo Kwek
CEO, Anjia Real Estate Investment Consultancy (Singapore)

Why is search engine optimisation essential?

SEO gives your business an edge in the current competitive environment. With so many businesses vying for attention, you need to make sure that yours stands out from the crowd. A well-planned SEO strategy will help you market your products online and increase awareness about your business. SEO is also the most cost-effective online marketing strategies to grow your business in the long run.

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Writing content for your blog that is keyword-rich and naturally engaging is good, but without getting the right search intent you will never achieve the search engine rankings that you want. Learn how to create content that Google will "understand" and reward you with the higher SERP you deserve.
Learn how to establish expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness for your business by crafting a strategic, targeted and authentic content strategy designed to tell Google that you are the primary source in your niche, boost brand awareness, increase traffic and drive more sales.
Who are your competitors? How are they doing SEO? What keywords do they rank for? How much will you need to budget to outrank them? Learn how to perform a complete SEO analysis of the top players in your market or niche, and the challenges these competitors pose to your business.